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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle Aeryn Sun "PeaceKeeper&qu
Post Content

Before I forget, in respect ot the divine masculine/divine feminine aspect of self I have to make the acknowledgement to again comprehending the Parable...

Female creation is the within Parable/ Male creation is the outer Parable

And as we see it does require both to comprehend the whole picture. So therein that explains the Unison and need to have balance for creation to exist at all.



(Again I don't know Ceti personally, we just talk about the same subjects in our ways...)
 Quoting: Cosmonaut 17637449

Oh by the way, this goes on in all aspects of Arks or Form, the divine masculine/ divine feminine is in all Creations on the Earthly and Physical Plane. As we are all Spirit this is going on for all of us, we have many designs in expression then we also do our best to choose what Ark or Form of in Person we share our lives with yet One in Spirit. There are many who are One in Spirit, but the point is in real Truth we are a Rainbow of existence.

If Ceti is Black and I am White yet we can both recognize the Spirit it should bring some simple things to light. We may or may not encounter oneanother in this physical realm as partners but it certainly does prove some facts regarding the Holy Spirit.

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