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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
carters dam ,who the hell is this dark haired chick that keeps trying to Vulcan mind melt with me,lol...it must be my flesh because i haven't had much luck with white women,lol... my former self was raised by mommy dearest and i sought out dominating women..so the thought of Asian women being not dominate must be screwing with me now that i went 180 and alpha,lolhf..i haven't watched Farscape but stargate SG1 is a favorite of mine...i would love to be in sci fi films,i am easy to look at for an old guy...i dropped off from watching TV since last year and skipped the brain entrainment,lol...i watched the farscape trailer posted and all i can say is ,god dammit Hollywood stop ripping me off,at least give me a acting job,put the in ear ear piece in and i will hit my marks,lol..i called NASA j.p.l.in 76 about the slingshot(s) to leap frog the universe...
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

You funny Ceti, as mentioned its not personal, as I don't know you personally. I provide a type of screenplay to try and complement what you share as long as you permit me to. As mentioned your thread subject matter is also what I write about.

The male and female aspects must be balanced, so the dominating factor of either side has to be in Unison to achieve the goal. It plays out in our real existence also but all the while its also going on within us, the rest is a reflection in the physical realm.

In relationships on the surface we are choosing all the while based on our state of Being. If there is imbalance that is something from our parents or history DNA etc. that must be worked out within us. Self analysis is difficult because we have to admit to ourselves where we are weak and need improve who we are. We are not to be taking from oneanother but to be sharing and experieincing love in the world in trust of the Divine. We are all complete but not always as our True Self in Reflection of those we choose in our life. That of course would account for today's divorce rate and confusion in society.

Like you made reference to the significance you see in your own life the common factors in the World. life is a Parable then you just have to be able to read it. The lessons are always in front of us. When we stop trying to determine what is wrong with another we finally realize what is wrong in ouself and needs be improved. That's when real growth and evolution of Self happens.

 Quoting: Aeryn Sun "PeaceKeeper&qu 17637449
..your correct ,Funny Platoon,< Google it...its not just made up of female operatives...after all,would we tell you the details of funny platoon or would we lie about most of them on the net?
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