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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
...if its a positive song for you, it would reinforce your positive energy i suppose because music is frequency and frequencies vibrate..i try to stay calm and positive anyways because i know my flesh is only what crumbles to dust and actually feel sorry for those whom must rely on negative energy to make their flesh/ego feel better for what they still lack inward to remember...as i said i burnt the outside screen into a hole image of my cellphone,just putting too much negative emotion remembering my hurtful childhood into a earlier post i deleted because no one feels sorry for what happened to me and that's the way i want it..
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

I hear you...

I burried deep the awfull memories and let the funny ones to be accesed quickly. Works better for me, cause past is past. We live in now, and what was already done cannot be undone.
I myslef try to stay on the positive/higher vibes, but sometimes i surrender on e-motions flow and that brings me on low vibes that i must overcome quickly (cause i don't have time to spare on this). So i use music as a therapy or increasing factor.
People say that we are Light. But we are also as much Sound as Light we are.
Somehow i manage to piss off some humans or some beings that are using this black light, so i have to learn to defend myself.

And yes, no one or very few feel sorry for our experiences because they cannot feel what we felt - or even worse, if they can feel, they don't care.
So why bother to tell them anything about our experiences ?

If i feel that i cannot stand anymore and have to share something, i talk to my cat - he seems more human than any umans i know.

Be well, T-Ceti !


Be loved !
 Quoting: Avalonia 9709833
...thank you hf remember we are love,we just share it, just as we share the spirit...although my flesh wants another flesh around with the same spirit but it doesn't need another to be happy...i would rather be wanted than needed...initiate the slightly revised music khristo> public enemy number one, I'm a wanted man, so lock up your daughters and lock up your wifes, lock up your girlfriends and run for your life ,I'm the man in town dont you mess around,lol....and negative energy is just for destroying the creations we built our selfs to rebuild new creations..I'm speaking of tearing buildings down and such to build new ones...and tearing mountains down to build also...i am not talking about tearing down each others flesh...as we tear mountains down, the earth is not lost ,it is just moved into another location...this happens when we tear our own mountain/creation down aka the flesh dies and we as spirit are not lost but moved into a new creation...its as the spirit said of others whom tell others to destroy flesh,pick up the rock your self and do it instead of asking others to do it for you...its amazing how many soldiers kill because they are asked by others who wont do the 'job' themselves...if our elected leaders want wars ,let them fight the wars themselves with their own children and grandchildren...
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