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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle PHI PIPER
Post Content
shut up retard, no one believes in your bullshit theory, only you, ever notice that. if your theory was so true, why is it that only a retard on a conspiracy site has figured it out. never heard any of this bullshit anywhere else, i'll tell you why cause it's bullshit. it's all in your head, no proof to back it up, only shit you make up as you go along. oh let me guess, you have figured it out because your so damn smart huh, lmfao. i don't think God would be on a conspiracy site.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10087429

Hello, I don't speak for Ceti but I will speak just because. If you don't yet see some of these facts you will truly miss your own potential. You see there are some of us that don't live as society dictates(not because we are against it or bad people we just know better). If you don't want to learn your own potential that has been hidden right before your eyes its your own fault. As long as you allow Truth to be taken from you by controlled repetitive programming then you don't even see what life is about and you will proceed, pass and maybe do it all over again.

Noone but ourselves can free our minds but you have to want to find it. The Wright Brothers also said a Plane could fly and others laughed at them...And look where we are today. Some just aren't cut out for the Truth. All we can do it offer it to you. Best Wishes

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