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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle Infinity and Beyond
Post Content
There is only One common denominator in Life...Spirit
The rest is just Mathematical combinations in Matter
itself...Its up to you to trust Spirit to configure your
Matter to Perfection of its Flow, otherwise your fighting
with your Mind that is Computing the limited amount it
comprehends. As it only knows Calculations that it has
been trained to know. The rest is in your own Memory
Then its about how far you want to go...

Some stop short and sit down, others continue then the stop shorters argue with the expansive Minds because they don't want to grow...

Let your Spirit lead You.

Space is Infinite Possibilities...

There is only ThySelf the rest are Reflections of Lessons
to Expand the Mind, We are an Infinite Combination of Equations in Mixed Matter of Progressive Creation.
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