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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle The One Behind the Many
Post Content
The Cycle Renews Itself Over and Over...There is no Real End

It is the Self that must look at Themself and some
don't like their own reflection. If one can't look
at another with love and compassion then they have
rejected themselves No other. That's hard to see
when one doesn't know Spirit, Its a bit like a Jigsaw
Puzzle. Thing is the Jigsaw puzzle itself isn't solvable
its the Spirit that holds the pieces together. When the
picture comes clear for the beholder is when you realize it.
Thru repitition and lessons of self we finally come to recognize

"The One Behind the Many"

As the pyramid is built of many building bricks so as is the
walk to the One at the top. One is sort of Bricked in until they realize
there are only illusionary walls that contain the Spirit.

The Snake is merely the misguided energy that
we fight with within ourself to overcome our
beastly senses. Just a concept to explain the
process. The Human Mind must have some form to
relate to in order to comprehend the significance.

The rest is just various scriptures to explain the
process of true transfiguration to immortality.

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