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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
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we must remember we do not need our flesh to survive or any creation such as a talisman...there kinda like pacifiers,we should give up to grow up...we can use them to convey a symbolism to others(i wear a gold and dark blue/almost black Sapphire pinky ring as my own personal symbolism but its not a talisman)... power comes from within us from our spirit and not from a creation... all we need is our spirit within and no creations to realize we are power...talismans used by our flesh create rituals,that's a creation creating a creation,when we are the creators as spirit(yeah i know,you may say my ring which is a creation creates symbolism,lol)...what i am speaking of is power,and the use of objects to bring forth power,these are not necessary...you will learn we can ,let their be light and there will be light by our spoken words...but we must overcome the world first and be very careful of what we speak into existence...what we speak into existence must be beneficial to all and not just to our self's...hf
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

Thank You Ceti, yes the Spirit is just the Spirit and does require none of these things. In body/ark we use them on the physical level of matter. When I use the reference OurSelf I mean the Self as in the All of Us. Sometimes it is a bit hard to word it to apply in the way it means. Since we are all embodied spirit and some have a hard time recognizing the same spirit in another I use the concept to explain.

We do need to learn the power of the Word though, as its very important what we speak into existence and we have come to neglect the importance of our Words. There as would explain the importance of "Silence being Golden"
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