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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
peace bro

How do you protect yourself from negative vampires who affect your spirit , mind and emotions?
 Quoting: jacksprat
...roflmao,its amazing what mind control frequencies and BS scripts can cause people to believe in and fear...please stop it,you have me rolling in the floor with that one...when we realize we are forever with or without our skin suit...with no fear of death,because death doesn't exist,and staying positive,we got it whipped,lol..laugh in the face of danger,be all you wanna be without anyone telling you> your not normal...being told your not normal is the best compliment you can can get from those that act as robots...if someone says your crazy,tell them ,why thank you robot,lol...normal?what the hell is normal? as long as your not hurting your self or others physically or emotionally on purpose, your fine...if you are yourself and some others takes it as hurt because your not who they want you to be,then its their own dam fault they feel that way...negative vampires,lol..if you believe in such ,then you have surrendered your mind to the concept...dont surrender,fight with your joy and positive attitude outward...never surrender your will power...pssssssssst if we clean our body and brain out and keep it clean, we receive only the positive frequencies to help with projecting our own positive energy...its not just an army slogan> Be all you can be...love your self so you can love others..if you treat your self sub par,you will treat others that way too...living well so we can treat others well...when we are happy,healthy and our selfs,we dont have time for jealously and control issues..when we put lives before concepts then we are at peace with our selfs...
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