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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle PISHERMAN27
Post Content
Ceti, Ive read about half of youre thread in the last week or so. Ive picked up on a few things. Is their no difference between theyre and their? as well as youre and your? I further translated this to IAM, MAI(my). This is interesting and I have always had a pet peeve of people misusing youre/your. ALso i was watching Katy Perry's ET lyric video today which purposely uses youre/your correctly/ incorrectly. That was a final straw for me until i saw the lyric in which Katy says: "Kiss me, KI-KI Kiss me." I was astonished to see it in plane sight there. haha anyways Im sure you noticed my name as well. Its translated from my last name's original pronunciation which was FISHER(we all know what fish contain). Well I think an F is pretty darn close to a P so I made my account name as such. I just made my account today to reply to your thread....anyways i was just amazed by Katy's lyric which states clearly "KI, KI"
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