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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
TC were you around for the "Tsunami from out of space" thread some years ago?
If not here is a particular quote from someone who posted throughout that thread:

Thread: Tsunami from outer space. Prepare yourself for unimaginable destruction. (Page 78)

Dear readers,

Let me address your most pressing objections and remonstrations.

As I clearly indicated in my previous post, I know that it sounds hurtful to a listener to be told that some information is out of bounds. There is a very good reason for my reticence here and, once again, I expect you to neither understand nor appreciate the import of what I am going to tell you by way of mitigation.

A long time ago, a gentleman walked among the self-aware bipeds on this planet and imparted the truth pertaining to the human condition, and he even spoke in metaphysical terms of exactly the same kind of event we are discussing this evening, not simply because he was an individual of great prescience, but because he had seen it before, time and time again. Few understood what he meant and the same holds true for most of us alive today, living as we are in a complex labyrinth of ignorance and misplaced, viciously skewered religiosity; and none are more ignorant than those who claim to have studied his few surviving words.

So great has the deception been and so formidable the centuries-long permutations of lies within lies, accompanied by a shrill cacophony of pseudo-theologies, that this man can no longer be known or understood by means of ordinarily contemplating words on paper or by rifling through the neat little packages of wisdom dispensed by charlatans in robes and collars.

He once declared that truth, much of which has been deliberately obscured by those who own the power to publish, is so precious that it cannot and should not be served straight. He said this not to cause you to fall into ignorance and die in that condition, but to protect those who understood: those with "ears to hear and eyes to see".

Now, when you look around you, wherever you are, you will observe that all sentient beings, barring injury or infirmity, have ears and eyes. We therefore know that this man ascribed to the physical appendages "ears and eyes" a quite different signifier: a signifier attendant only to those who are meant to understand. It therefore follows that there are those among us who are not and were never meant to understand. They are sentient beings, self-aware bipeds that look just like you and I. You may even be married to one.

If I told you that there are, and always have been, two entirely different species of 'human being' (with no discernible physiological differences) walking around on this planet, you may quite justifiably laugh in my face, close your browser, switch off your computer and watch the late night show on television. Yet this is exactly what this man told his followers when they asked him why he obscured the truth by hiding it in riddles.

This great truth has been all but expunged from the religious, historical and archaeological record. Even at this very late stage in our current era, those who are not a part of us have been busying themselves with the destruction of as much telltale physical and anecdotal evidence as possible, lest survivors of the coming cataclysm stumble once more upon the truth and free themselves and a possible future civilisation from the burden of slavery. If this fact was not clear to you the moment American troops and their mercenary allies looted and destroyed the museum treasures of Baghdad, just as their ilk had hollowed out the sacred pyramids, and just as their kind are preparing to destroy vast bibliographic depositaries and ancient archives in Iran, then it should become abundantly clear to you now, as I write, that it is too late to ask questions.

Will you ever understand that simply asking questions and having answers served up to you on a golden platter is not the path to knowledge? For if it was, would you who are not a part of us be all the wiser a million times over, and a million times more dangerous than you already are?

Can you now see why 'ESA DE' and 'White Hat' have not returned?

If you understand what Iím saying, itís because you were meant to understand, and it is on your behalf that I impart these words.

There is one person among you upon whom my words are not wasted. You know who you are. I love you.

H. P. Greene
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27207624
...the only 2 species of humans on this planet are those with a calcified brain/body and those without a decalcified brain/body...of course we look the same as everyone else does on the outside...
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