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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
A pH of 77.7 would burn your body away, its highly alkaline and even goes beyond the pH scale which goes from 1 to 14.

Numbers below 7 are acidic and those above 7 alkaline. 7 itself is the neutral point.
 Quoting: Spamtron_of_the_planet_douchebaggia

Trust me a highly alkaline diet is a good thing. We are way too acidic. I went to Hippocrates heath Center and did their diet detox for 3 week. It is a raw vegan protocol. When I left there I had so much more mental clarity that it was frightening. We can not understand what our diets are doing to us because we have always eaten them and have nothing to compare it to.
 Quoting: grefey
lol,i had the decimal point in the wrong place in that post you quoted...7.77 was corrected a few posts down from that post..hf...i still eat fish and bird but many people are veggies...i think the pure veggie diet suits the female frame better than it does the male frame...males have more testosterone than females so some meat is needed...the "bible" was written from a males point of view,that's where i got the "god" diet instead of the "goddess" diet...before the soils were depleted of iodine,the raw veggies or nay veggies for that matter were much more nutritious than those grown in soils theses days...sea veggies are still the best because the oceans have not lost their mineral contents...
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