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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
i layed down to sleep but this came to me> the inside of most churches symbolize a brain>...most " christian churches " have a right and left side of pews symbolizing the 2 sides of the brain...the Alter is usually in front of the Pulpit and both are in the middle of the 2 sides of pews...both the Pulpit and Alter together will symbolize the pineal gland that communicates to the 2 sides of the brain...the Alter where we would go to be cleansed of sins, symbolizes the cleaning of the 2 sides of the brain(people would come from either or both sides of the pews) towards the pineal gland/Pulpit and Alter...and the first letters of Pulpit and Alter are PA aka P1 aka P.I....the choir behind the pulpit would symbolize the frontal lobes of the brain...and walking into the church would be like coming from the back of the brain towards the front of the brain...not all churches are like this but most are...presto," christian church " service symbolizes cleaning our pineal gland out with P.I. for a healthy brain...WTF,jawdroplol..i told you the symbolism was hidden in plain sight everywhere...
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

Yeah :)

Good and interesting catch, T-Ceti.

Hello, btw :-D

Reading about cleaning reminded me of something.
Dunno if you can confirm or infirm what i'll ask you now:

Do "scavenger souls" exists ? sent on a mission to clean or to help people to clean their "sins", so to say to assist others on the road to purify their souls ?

Thank you
Sleep well !

 Quoting: Avalonia
thanks hf i was a little blown away by it when it came to me,lol...and as i have said i believe in our spirit and that which was created by our spirit...creations are only creations which have a beginning and an end...we help our selfs and others of spirit...it is our will power that subdues the flesh...i will give no credit to any creation..our shared spirit is to be thanked aka acknowledged for all things by our flesh...we dont worship the spirit for it is us and there's nothing wrong with patting our selfs on the flesh at times knowing our spirit together is to be "thanked" aka acknowledged...our fleshes DNA memories are what some think of other souls assisting us would be my take on that...everyone of course is entitled to believe what they wish to believe...i always suggest to believe in our spirit within first before believing in anything else...
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