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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
back from across the mountain from the vampires at the lions club and i had another potassium iodide day...i wore myblack with white POLK HIGH 33 shirt, that's got potassium iodide hidden in it ...when i first sat down waiting my turn,one of the vampires asked me if i had scored 4 touchdowns in one game? i laughed and said no and covered up the O in POLK and half the letter L showing them it was PI forward and KI in reverse,he shut up after that,lol...then they handed out some numbers to the me and the other 3 people sitting near me...then i started cracking up the moment,the other vampire handed me number 18 that added to 9 ,the potassium iodide cipher...anyhoo,i always assumed i had my moms AB negative blood but it turns out I'm A negative aka alpha black ops...i may have mentioned those in this thread or others,lol...anyhoo vampire Melissa,whom i asked her name( i reminded her she was out of uniform without her name tag)lol, started my needle,than turned me over to Karen C...here we got MK,Melissa to Karen aka MKULTRA,i think i have spoken about that too...i mentioned to Karen C. that K was a C too and told her christ consciousness and creator consciousness out of her name...she got a kick out of that...got done with the MK vampires and ate some cookies and drank some Orange juice...before i got up to go i reached for a bottled water and i noticed their bottled water named Midnight Springs spring water...it had,are you ready for this> 16.9 oz...16/P and 9/I,potassium iodide,lol...then i seen the rest of the cipher...Midnight on the top line and the word Water diagonal from Midnight..i reversed it and got WM aka Worshipful Master..which left the two words, Springs on top and spring diagonal,becoming SS,this cipher was in the shape of an X,the symbol for christ...i may have mentioned the german SS in this thread also and the words, Shared Spirit...hold on I'm not done yet,beside the 16.9 oz was (.5L)< E is the 5th letter and with L is el or a name of god...you cant make this up...oh and the next time they are going to be needing blood there at the Ellijay lions club is my oldest daughters birthday,jan,10...you cant make this stuff up...
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