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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
here's something for the carbon 14 tards> the more iodine in the soil layers from the plants that formerly grew there,the wayyyyyy older anything would falsely date...this is how they set up everybody to believe in ancient dates...during the early 20th century man/made fertilizers and pesticides began depleting the iodine from the soil...so everything found after the depletion in those areas would show much later false dates than those found before the iodine was depleted would show a much older false date...the more iodine from the former plant layers would cause anything buried in them to put out less radiation giving it an ancient date...think about that...carbon 14 dates by the amount of radiation coming from whatever...the artifacts in the soil before the iodine depletion began would date falsely ancient...this would be true anywhere else where the pesticides and fertilizers were not used and had not penetrated the layers below to rob the soil and artifacts of its iodine content or had robbed them of their iodine content...this is also how to counterfeit artifacts including manuscripts...and many wonder why "old" manuscripts are stained yellow like liquid iodine,instead of eaten away by microbes,lol...oh look i found some hemp paper with the words of St. Paul on them but you didn't see me use natural ink with iodine in it or see me dip the hemp paper in the iodine to date it ancient,lol...those yellow bones found in the museum or ground ,you didn't see me dip them or let them set either in iodine or they were found in iodine rich soils that caused them to date way older than they really are...everything can be counterfeited with iodine,just use the white crystal form of iodide if you dont want it to turn yellow and keep its original color...
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