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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle Spiritoftruth111
Post Content
the correct title for this thread should be 778 is the number of godgoddess creator and i am goddessgod creator...going from a jesus to a god and then to a goddessgod....i have grown since the thread started so please bare with me..777=7.77 food pH level in the body,its that simple...so if you want to be a god in your temple and your kingdom>...first you must become a "jesus" in your temple/body and kingdom/mind with the keys...the first key is die-t<see the cross and the word die...and the second key is manna which is potassium iodide KI crystals<it looks like white colander seed as the word describes it...the diet and manna is to flush out all unnatural foods/drinks you have stored since birth because your kingdom/pineal gland and other 7 parts of your brain and temple/body/ stores it instead of burns it or passes it out...eat what god told you to put into your body/temple and take your manna for about 6-12 months to clean your temple and kingdom out to be the jesus,then maintain 7.77 foods pH and you will be god in your temple and kingdom with the 3rd key of positive attitude/thinkinghearts...Romans 8:14>we all can be a jesus...there's the 33 degree masonic secret for everyone who reads this...33 because the 3 symbolizes a man/Christ and man/christ is made in the image of god>3..inner peace is the holy spirit/will power,jesus is the temple and god is the kingdom when you use the 2 keys 6-12 months and then maintain 7.77 pH die-t and the positive attitude/thinking of the 3rd key...unnatural clogs the pineal gland/god,goddess gland...P.S. sulfur based microscopic parasites live in mud critters>cattle,pigs,catfish,founder,etc. and is the hell referred to by "jesus" because cooking doesn't kill them(worms)..."their worm does not die and the flame is not quenched" is said of people in hell...and today's grocery store meat is also packed full of chemicals...only ocean fish doesn't have chemicals added and the jesus symbol is the fish with scales,but not bottom dwelling fish in the die-thearts...this is how i because a "jesus" then a "god" in my own temple and kingdom...and the 3rd key to moving on into godlike is a positive attitude...die-t and manna will get you to jesus state,then maintaining the 2 keys with the 3rd key will get you to a godlike state in your temple and your kingdom...these keys i give to everyone....the bible is also metaphors of your ego traits freewill,humility,pride,desire and vanity to hang upon your cross and die to as humility at the head of the cross crys out for the creator...pride and vanity are nailed together at the feet as free will and desire are nailed at the hands...dont let your desire know what your free will is doing aka dont let your right hand know what your left hand is doing...the statute of liberty has 7 points in it crown because of the 2 sides of the brain,pineal gland,pituitary gland,thalamus,cerebellum and medulla...the torch symbolizes the pineal gland lit like a burning flame...P.S. the 8th brain part that all together form the divine feminine...and the bible is also about your 6 senses..:boom:PS as gods code book gave us the diet and manna ,we must supply the other 3 keys of an open mind ,an open heart and positive thinking/attitude to produce the 5 pointed star of venus the morning star to rise in our hearts..after maintaining that, the 6 pointed star of 3 points above and 3 points below will be given making us a god in our temple and kingdom...(((here's an recent edit ,the longer i have used the keys i remembered we are all co-creators with the same shared spirit and our spirit existed before the creation making us co-creators instead of gods,goddesses,saviors or prophets,hf )))
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

Thread full of lies and deceptions. Heed not the voice of the wolves but seek the teachings already given in new testement from the lamb.
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