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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle Om Namah Shivaya
Post Content
ONS, jesus never existed and he symbolizes the flesh and the pineal gland like the other "religious" leaders...the man never walked the earth,and neither did any other past religious figures,no Buddhas, no Confucius,no indian Chrisna figure,etc...all religions are metaphors of our battle of our flesh and spirit,none of their characters existed in the flesh...one doesn't have to be celibate to overcome ones flesh...we must not let sex lead us in a relationship...we must see the others spirit first and their flesh second...best friends with or without sexual relations whom have each others back through thick and thin...partners whom freely communicate their wants and needs with each other without fear or shame..
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

If you want to Conquer the Serpent you have to overcome
your Sexuality. You can return to it after but first it
must be conquered and the Spiritual Heart Opened.

It is only with an Open Spiritual Heart can one recognize the Spirit in All.
Otherwise you can know it as Truth but you have to be able to perceive it as Truth.

If you are trying to achieve the active Third Eye the
creative energy force must be rerouted upward within.
That cannot be accomplished going both directions at
the same time.

The reason Jesus is shown with a Heart on fire and locked
is because you must have his grace to pass thru that gate.

You can disagree if you like, that's not my concern. But I will share the basic facts.
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