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Message Subject AUSTRALIA: 28,000 year old Aboriginal PORN discovered! Does this show sex with GIANT ALIEN BEING?
Poster Handle billy cokebottle
Post Content
Aboriginal paintings are metaphoric .

This to me means the alien species tried to fuck the
but the Abbo's turned it around and fucked them
instead. fuckoff2

How do you think they lasted 28,000 years here without
much bodily and mind change up until the last 300 years?
They stood their ground to the parasitical demonic waring scum
that roams the universe and dimensions, very well I recon.

These Great people were in harmony with nature and the Universe,and were masters on many dimensions. Interdimentional worriers, protectors of Earth.

We are at war with these alien dimentional beings that 98% of the population is oblivious too. the parasite farmers use time and mind control as a tool...
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