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Message Subject AUSTRALIA: 28,000 year old Aboriginal PORN discovered! Does this show sex with GIANT ALIEN BEING?
Poster Handle Sir Griffo
Post Content
Aboriginal erotic rock art proves that even 28,000 years ago men had ONE thing on their minds

Explicit scenes depicted in Australia's oldest known Aboriginal rock art
Series of drawings found on the roof of caves in the inaccessible wilderness in Arnhem Land in the country's north
Excavations underneath saucy art discover hidden drawings that date back 28,000 years

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]
 Quoting: Sir Griffo

Why do people jump straight to 'aliens' for?

It could mean someone boning a tribal leader - size referring to power and leadership.

Or it could also be a real skinny guy boning a real big lady?

Either way, I'm not disputing it could have been giants (although 28,000 years is waaaay off from the Bible's time line of 'giants on earth in those days' - but that could be from the pathetic, useless and inaccurate 'carbon' measuring).

Just gotta keep an open mind and not hit on aliens or giants as the first theory - just makes us look more crazy when there is no proof to support an imaginative guess.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2889215

A real big lady with a beak shaped head!! Loads of them in Australia still these days!!
 Quoting: Sir Griffo

Just a thought on the beak shaped head.

Could it of been a mask she was wearing? Ceremonial or for some special occasion?

I'm not really up on my Aboriginal history, so that guess may be way off.
 Quoting: Nemamiah

What!!! She's wearing a mask now?? Blimey these ancient aliens were into some kinky shit!!
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