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Poster Handle Serenity777
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Perfect time to market a religion huh?

Let me ask you something, since you're a "believer" of a bible which has been revised a million times...

If only 144,000 goes to heaven, aren't you narrowing your own chances of getting in the "big mansion" with every new convert??? sheep

You'd better get off the religion and start to LOVE everyone Unconditionally like Christ suggested. Loving Unconditionally DOES NOT ENTAIL injecting fear of any variety. You can help by spreading awareness, but, awareness does not entail marketing your favorite religion, it involves telling TRUTH. -And I can tell you this, truth and religion are diametrically opposed to one another.

This isn't as simple as merely believing in a messiah with hopes that it works...In fact, anyone who understands Universal functions KNOWS that you're practicing spiritual laziness when you expect another being to SAVE your soul from YOUR OWN MISDEEDS AND WEAKNESSES. -It doesn't work that way.- YOU'VE GOT TO PUT IN THE WORK and you have to actually WALK THE PATH for Jesus's name to have ANY MERIT AT ALL.

You all NEED to quit expecting someone else from the external to do the heavy work for the things you refuse to change about yourselves.

If you call yourself a Christian and truly live with LOVE, truth, and peace in your hearts...then, feel free to ignore anything I have said. I DO REALIZE that there are TRUE practicing Christians within this physical realm. BUT...there are MANY (The MAJORITY) who do not fall into this category. There are MANY who are the exact opposite of EVERYTHING they portray, and believe me, its being watched...VERY WELL. This place isn't what the majority of you BELIEVE/THINK that it is. There is NOTHING that you have done that is hidden...or hasn't been seen and reviewed by MANY eyes. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that you have gotten away with...its all being weighed and measured. (BTW- I assure you,This is truth, not fear.)

Have a pleasant day...
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