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Sorry for the copy/paste goof up!
 Quoting: Junie

If you believe Obama is the end time anti-christ, you will fall.

For Satan himself with 7000 angels shall be booted out of heaven. (Rev. 12).

He shall land 7 miles north of Mt. Zion. He shall be handed a white horse. (Rev. 6:2)

There is four beast systems that Satan controls today as he sits in the pit being held by Michael.

They are:
Political beast system
Educational beast system
Economical beast system
And the last and greatest beast system, Religion.

The Political beast system takes a hit when the NWO comes together and gels.

It takes a hit, and then Satan shows up pretending to be Jesus.

Satan will come in the month of April of what year, I do not know. The NWO is still not fully put together yet.

Many very good scholars say Satan will come 5 days before Passover. I do not. I say within a two week time frame of that time that they give.

When Obama is out of office, many will be stung because of the multitude saying he is the end time anti-christ, just like they did Old man Bush, then Clinton, Then little Bush, and now Obama.
Yes, many Christians are running to and fro seeking the end time truth, and yet it is quite clear in the Word when you eat of the "hidden manna".

Blessings and much love.
 Quoting: Little Star

The Anti-Christ is the system itself (The matrix/world in which we reside). Anyone who comes in human form will only be a spokesperson. THere will NEVER be a full Anti-Christ in human form...only more politicians. And if THEY DO have the BIG ONE, he won't last very long because the sheer amount of energy that it would require to create one would destroy a human body rather quickly.

The system is sentient and aware as a machine which governs the 1s and 0s which compose this reality(The ego which resides in us all)...and through it, all humans are puppeted by their desires. -Free Will/Choices. Self/The Whole.
The only way for Humans to evolve past it is to embrace Unconditional LOVE. Hope this adds to your knowledge base:
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