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FREAK phenomenon floods ancient Indian temple <<<<<<<<<<

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06/21/2012 01:46 AM
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FREAK phenomenon floods ancient Indian temple <<<<<<<<<<
Giant sea waves, more than 12 feet high (3.6 m), hit the northern side of the famous shore temple at Mamallapuram, on Tuesday evening, June 19, leaving the heritage monument three feet deep in water. Temple is located 60 km from Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

Sea water gushed inland for about 75 metres, leaving behind a pool of water. The temple town was virtually empty with more than 3,000 shops downing shutters to protest an Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) proposal to take over an ancient Perumal temple in the town.

More @ : [link to thewatchers.adorraeli.com]

That is freaky , aslo EQ happened in India on 19th and also today [link to earthquake.usgs.gov]