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Subject Germany got rid of their Nuclear Energy and can now run completely off Renewable Energy! What are we waiting for?
Poster Handle 2342
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i give Germany serious props for their movement of running a country of renewable energy and not Nuclear.

With the sun beaming overhead and the nation hard at work, Germany turned to solar like never before last Friday and Saturday as the nation's PV installations fed 22 gigawatts of electricity into the grid at one point, providing nearly half of the country's energy needs.

During one 24-hour period, Germanyís PV accounted for nearly a third of the nationís energy needs on midday Friday when the nationís factories and offices were humming along, and then it approached 50 percent midday Saturday as residents enjoyed a sun-filled weekend.

If the Unites States did the same thing, it would bring a plethora of new Jobs to the Market. Good jobs that didn't destroy the planet and its inhabitants, but worked with the Earth and those that share this space.

How about retrofitting old homes, factories and energy grids with more efficient systems? Wouldn't that create new jobs and take away our reliance of supposed fossil fuels?

How fantastic would it be if you were in a City like New York or Los Angeles and you breathed in fresh air instead of pollution?

Do you think people would be healthier and live a better quality life?

Wouldn't this be good for the economy, bringing in new Jobs and infrastructure that fits in the 21st century?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize a few changes within the Energy Sector could and will change the World and make it a better place. "Cheese" ?

Do you have a family? Do you want your kids to grow up in a world with leaking nuclear reactors, mercury laced food, toxins in most of the water? How about air filled with nasty pollutants, hot particles, aluminum and barium salts?

Mahatma Gandhi
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
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