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06/21/2012 04:04 PM
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According to defencenet a NATO small fleet is moving towards the Russian convoy that is about to depart from Sevastopouli toward Syria.
Everything seems to be in a thin red line

Link [link to www.defencenet.gr]

and of course translation
NATOs armada consisting of a Turkish (F 495 "TCG Gediz",, OH Class Perry) a French (F 712 "Courbet", Class La Fayette) and a German (F 217 "Bayern" class Brandenburg) frigates and submarine Preveze (Type 209/1400), having transited during its voyages around the Aegean Sea from south to north, monitored by vessels of the Navy entered the straits of the Hellespont and heading for a meeting of the Russian convoy preparing to sail from Sevastopol to Syria!

The Russian convoy carrying men of the Russian special forces units and marines were released from detention yesterday, but due to ongoing proafnos Obama-Putin talks on the crisis in Syria, the departure was postponed.

The NATO ships will cross the Black Sea and will join the Bulgarian Navy squadron, which will indeed execute and joint exercises ("Briz 2012"). It will then wait for Russian "" skrinaroun "their way to Syria in a risky move: Moscow is not certain that it will accept such an" escort "without reacting.

Most likely this will distract and surface warships (initially only one submarine would accompany the ships). The vevaiao Preveze is that faced with Russian Kilo class ypovrysio. With such moves are more than likely that the intensity will be at a high and unknown consequences.

In all this there is something positive: Three flights made by the NATO helicopters during the voyage to the Aegean, the Greek side informed, requested and received permission from the Greek side. Unlike the Turks ...

Department news defencenet.gr
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