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Cultural Marxists & The Decay of Scandinavia

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18416252
06/22/2012 05:11 PM
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Cultural Marxists & The Decay of Scandinavia
Up until about 1970 Scandinavia was (still) doing reasonably OK. With memories of WWII we built up our industries, diversifying, aiming for independence in manufacturing, letting wogs in to get work done and increase the population (not the best solution but the population pre-war was indeed too small, maybe they could have been sent home afterward).

However.. With the generational change the usual suspects - cultural marxists, jewishs, moved into positions of power. So that was the end. Globalisation, privatisation, social programs, internationalism, cancelled the White Scandinavia policy (disastrous), the poor suburbs filling with uncontrollable ethnics and subsidised ghettos. The heart of the country died and was replaced with propaganda. Organised industry fled, the government replaced it with welfare and a bloated public service, the remnant white population stopped breeding and has to be propped up with deranged incomers from all quarters; Russians, Estonians, Somalians, Iraqi you name it (an unworkable temporary solution). Now the cadence of the deathmarch becomes ever more strident and we stand and fall on commodities (which is what Scandinavia always did but for a little while in the 20th century there was a hard-won understanding that that was not enough). Reach exceeds grasp, and knocks over the table.

i couldnt agree less.imho generally speaking we're polically clueless,spiritually bankrupt,culturally bland and reality impaired. arogant, egotistical, materialistic, conformist dependents,wards of a state run mental asylum.