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Why Does Jimmy Carr Get Stick For Tax Avoidance When The Queen Has Done It For Years?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 5170628
United Kingdom
06/23/2012 03:07 AM
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Why Does Jimmy Carr Get Stick For Tax Avoidance When The Queen Has Done It For Years?
This was a rant about tax avoidance then switched toward the dole and people on it. To be honest the dole doesn't bother me, it's the people using it who are using it just to get more money. Or the lazy fucks who can't be arsed working....

So here's my rant...

British comedian Jimmy Carr, love him hate him whatever. A few days ago it was revealed that he was avoiding taxes. Good old David Cameron even made a statement about how bad it was, even though his father did the same thing WELL DONE CAMERON!!

The question is, why wouldn't he condemn the queen too? That bitch has been doing it for years. In fact I think Cameron has been doing it too, but I'm not sure to be honest...

Again we see it, One rule for one one rule for others. I'm not sticking up for Jimmy Carr because I'm a fan, far from it. I'm Asking how come political figures can avoid taxes like there's no tomorrow. Yet when someone who isn't in their "club" get's hounded like fuck...

Once again us Brits are being bent over, lubed up and fucked. We will NEVER get to a point where we do something to get all this shit stopped. The money we get from our wages get's put in the economy anyway so why pay taxes?

We couldn't even have a day where we don't pay it because it comes straight out of everyone's wages... the system is corrupt.

The people who avoid taxes, in my eyes can be seen as hero's to some extent, but when you have 40 BILLON pounds it's A FUCKING JOKE!!! Even David Cameron has 30 million and it's suggested that he does the exact same thing.....

Now you might say "We pay taxes for our free health care" well the NHS costs around 90-100 Billion per year (according to Wikipedia take it or leave it). The rise of immigrants costs us £8 billion a year. Why doesn't the government crack down and get the people on the dole with bad backs and put them in jobs like sitting at a till. Get the people with no work experience and throw them into schools where they only learn about how to work. Do drug tests and anybody using drugs gets a 3 strike rule, 3 strikes and their out of the dole. Get the immigrants off the dole, put them on an immigrant only scheme where they have accommodation in poor areas. I mean they came from poor countries so why stick them in moderately working class to rich areas?? Either that or send them back to their own country.

370000 immigrants in the UK let's say they are all on the dole. So they earn (lol earn) 100 a week that;s £37000000 going towards immigrants, which around %40 send half that money back home to help relatives.

How about the footballers who earn an absurd amount of money for kicking a fucking ball. Wayne Rooney was found to be not paying his taxes too, for anyone not in the UK he earns a million a month... let that sink in. Some of them are on crazy amounts of money, which would all add up in their bank accounts. They don't spend it all, so while it's sitting in their bank accounts they get a nice little interest on their sum.

Look all I'm saying is that this system is corrupt. It isn't helping the right people, the people who work hard for their wages and when they get it it's gone instantly to pay for their food, clothes and bills. We need a campaign where we stand against the system who takes the piss out of us....

Thanks for looking at this.