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06/23/2012 11:03 AM
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These is a VERY Interesting SUBJECT to UNDERSTAND how Negative ENERGIES, CAN Effect PEOPLE Who are POSITIVE, as I SAID every THING happen for REASON.

And most of us dont understand what is going, and who controling or THOUGHTS and FEARS, EMOTIONS,

We've seen that there is a debilitating self that attempts to degrade and destroy individuals through their egomania, ignorance, and corruption. Similarly, there exists a collective negative energy field (CNEF) whose forces incapacitate and destroy humans because individuals allow these forces to use their energy and allow themselves to be oblivious to its assaults on their minds and bodies.

In this essay, we'll examine this collective negative energy field and how it operates, then explore ways in which we can overcome its deleterious effects through the application of Plato's conception of reality, in partnership with other forces within the collective positive energy field (CPEF).

Human life is, from one perspective, a constant personal effort to overcome negative influences and join forces with positive agencies, as is so graphically illustrated by such Perennialist classics as the Bhagavad Gita and Boethius' Emboldenment of Philosophy.

A major purpose in exploring the collective negative energy field is to help people realize that demonic forces in the world today constitute a more inclusive reality than the individual persons or operations that make up the world destruction that we see going on around us. Diabolic forces possess the actuality of a psychic field: a distinct dimension.

The collective negative energy field is not an independently acting force; it is given power by humans allowing it to use their energy and by their acting in collusion with it. Nonetheless, once humans allow their energy to be used by the CNEF, it becomes a collective entity which depraved persons can utilize.

Religious concepts of an evil force--Devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Ahriman, Satan--have a distant relationship to humankind's attenuated awareness of the collective negative energy field. Conceptions of evil spirits, demon possession, and zombiism also relate to this phenomenon, including the idea that such negative entities can take control of the body and mind of a debilitated, brainwashed, or possessed person.

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