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Keep Planting the Seeds of Truth my Brothers and Sisters

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18491262
United States
06/24/2012 03:45 AM
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Keep Planting the Seeds of Truth my Brothers and Sisters
Each seed planted in the ear of your neighbor, a friend, loved one, or a stranger is a sword in the heart of the beast.

Standing lone we would surely be cut down in defense of our nation. We must fear God, even if we disagree on the details that matter little. Swallow the pride within your heart and resolve to live and walk in truth. Each day is an opportunity to make the changes you desire in your deepest of hearts, but fear keeps us from growing strong enough to understand the power you, and I, WE, possess.

Our thoughts, our words, our intent, and our deeds.

We can use their weapons against them if we only understand that each of us, individually, matter.

Spread this truth: Politics only divide us. Religion (Christendom) keeps us in fear. "Law Enforcement" punishes us for questioning their assumed authority and in principle is Domestic Terrorism. Government divides the spoils of war and divides it among our enemies.

How can we overcome this?

Only by changing our neighbors perception of these control mechanisms. Individually we can each only influence those around us. It starts with a seed, watered by the conscious of those who would follow after truth. There is only chaff and wheat. Either you will remain silent and guilty in the eyes of truth, or you will accept the burden of duty.

Either you fear God, or you Don't. Either you believe in truth, or you don't. You either love freedom, or you fear those who have it.

It really is up to You* to change the world. Don't be afraid to publicly stand against evil.

Carry the seeds in your pocket wherever you go. Opportunity will be rewarded wherever you go, it's just up to you....