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Al Qaeda behind anti-Israel attacks from Gaza, Sinai. Egypt posts elite unit

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United States
06/24/2012 08:12 PM
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Al Qaeda behind anti-Israel attacks from Gaza, Sinai. Egypt posts elite unit
fighting elements from Libya are spearheading much of the violence against Israel from Sinai and the Gaza Strip since early June - a dangerous development Israel, Hamas, Egypt and the US prefer to conceal. Deeply concerned, Cairo has just posted its elite counter-terrorist “999 unit” in El Arish, on Egypt’s border with the Gaza Strip and along the northern sector of its frontier with Israel, in an effort to counter the newly-arrived jihadis.
Israel also faces a menacing al Qaeda presence on its northern border with Syria.

Reporting this, debkafile’s military and counter-terror sources also disclose that this week, a special mechanism was quietly set up in Washington to coordinate intelligence and military operations against the burgeoning al Qaeda incursion around Israel's borders. It is headed by David Michael Satterfield, head of the Multinational Force (MFO) in Sinai, whose original task was to oversee the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace accord.
Monday, June 18, Satterfield was urgently summoned to Washington after it turned out that the ambush of Israeli vehicles on Route 10, in which a workman was murdered, was a suicide attack by two members of Al Qaeda-Libya, a Saudi and an Egyptian, assigned by their masters in Benghazi to carry out a cross-border attack on Israelis from Sinai.

[link to www.debka.com]