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Beyond procrastination...

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06/25/2012 12:19 PM
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Beyond procrastination...
The first thing is to awaken to the fact the system IS corruption, (it does not have corruption within it.)

Subsequently, a person can modify their sense of reality accordingly. It is what it is.

The second thing is to realize you can only influence things within your own direct control - (hardly anything).

Subsequently, a person can focus on what you can control... self-actualization, self-sufficiency, self-control, self-direction, self-satisfaction.

Reduce the scope of your reality to the manageable, stick to your own knitting and forge a reality you benefit from and enjoy.

Anything more or less than that... is a set up for perpetual failure and a debilitating sense of frustration...

From that point you can assist the bigger situation to come to the same realization.

It is doing so which will facilitate change.

Immediate steps are to minimize contribution to the corrupt system... barter, trade, re-purpose - do anything BUT contribute money into the system!!! Starve the beast.

Above all else Pass this on.

Action, any action speaks greater than capitulation.
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