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the foundation of bible prohecy...the 2 dreams of the lionhearts as football analogy

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06/25/2012 09:34 PM
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the foundation of bible prohecy...the 2 dreams of the lionhearts as football analogy
the corrobative prophetic dreams of ST DANIEL of the hebrew language old testament and ST. JOHN of patmos of the greek language new testament are keyed to this linkage between the end of one dream and the start of the other..at the end of ST. DANIEL'S dream he tells us that he was sick for days and at the start of ST. JOHN of patmos's dream he tells us that he TURNED and THEN sees this angelic apparition..this linkage and the considered stakes tells us that it is satan who is escorting the lionhearts,(with GOD, of course,as the RESTRAINOR)as you don't get sick being around GOD.. and satan, of course, works BEHIND the scenes, which is what he was doing in ST. JOHN'S dream ,putting on his make-up and getting into his COSTUME(the mockingly WOOLY white hair,fiery eyes, and bright white gown)while the lionhearted one was facing the other direction..the dreams themselves are analgous to a long drive in football..the ball has been turned over and the quarterback(satan) is leading his OFFENSE(the pricefixing petrogangsters revealed thru the imagery of the 7 headed beast that comes out of the sea)onto the field..he then engineers a diabolical march all the way into the redzone arriving only to throw a interception which is returned all the way to paydirt by the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL...tomorrow, the playbook revealed