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Message Subject hi im zakk - im a paranoid schitzo! ... I was attacked by freemasons, the military, the secret service and more...
Poster Handle Funney
Post Content
you know, some worlds are better than this one


if Zakk is happpy, there is no problem

i have a friend, he also lost the connection with this world, uses his version instead, but he knows about this choice!

Doctors told him, he is schizophrenic and he took it to antoher level, conscious mental observation, cascade of thoughts.. leading to better understanding of your inner processes

problem is, these people are complex and wont socialize more than how they already are (few friends which can udnerstand, 1 or two, who know his deepest processes)

complex brains need another complex ones to communicate, otherwise they end like mad people in the eyes of "normals"

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