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Message Subject hi im zakk - im a paranoid schitzo! ... I was attacked by freemasons, the military, the secret service and more...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
they said join them or die in moyock where I come from... blackwater usa... that moyock...1 stoplight town south of norfolk... hidden there for 25 years and then I ran away to live on the streets of los angeles for 8 years...

they got mad I told the truth, wrote down car plates and names and who did what when for over 10 years now ... they all stood there saying im crazy and join them or die and nothing is going on at the same time.

now to the point its clear there is a problem.

so im in barnes and nobles in los angeles telling people what I got going on and they got mad I could pull movies off the rack about what I had going on, same with the sound track for space time... and my name is simon tull, they got mad about the ST worship ... every street, every state... did the freemasons set up the USA with a secret code... simon tull worship everywhere... top secret problem there too...

anyway, I have found esp stamps and functions that the cult attacking me wanted to inject and respond to , and found they blend with the music , in a manner that souldnt exist and the masons got mad.

I think I found immortal esp stamps and function that, the illuminati made people,bands, artists and more sing and make movies about ... and that, they are mad I didnt join the masonic cult, and mad I told the world...

yet, they all said I was crazy and touched their fingers to their faces... and coughing and sniffing alot.

If I make a video of me sitting at me laptop foor 10 minutes, spewing audio about what my esp is showing me and what they are singing about ... the people here who know me may actually understand BETTER whats going on... it appears there is music about this situation and all you have to do is listen...hear ... perceive.... and its clear , in english that.. someone in space time had something to say...

and if I understand whats going on, im not the only person in the world with esp functions and esp thoughts that can be seen behind their eyes... thats haarp , sub atomic, mer ka bah mind control....

real mk ultra....

ok, I feel better, please respond via number and color and let me know what you think.

tell me a story....
 Quoting: Zakk

Barns and Nobles..paupers and princes where angels play lost and found.. I hear
psychic sigils no surprise. symphonic masonic animatronics..everything is made of music, in watercolors, repaint abuse to muse

it's cool, but not cold. As for gold?

sup Z ~just mehf
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