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Message Subject hi im zakk - im a paranoid schitzo! ... I was attacked by freemasons, the military, the secret service and more...
Poster Handle asdfer
Post Content
My brother i have been in the same situation as you for 4 years now and i know exactly everything you say about the symbolistically finger (mason) symbols the coughing and all of the other stuff these people do in order to break you and make you fuck up your life. As i have understood these people are psychopaths and have a lot of existential problems. Hahaha The first year i thought that i was gonna be killed by them but after my dad got in contact with the triad in china about getting them chopped up in peaces they stopped.

Anyways they infiltrated my school got into my class made me leave school' flee the country and almost made me kill myself. They threw me into a mental hospital 2 times telling me i was crazy about me meeting light beings and how the government is being manipulated through Hollywood and psychological programing in the minds of the people.

They have also threatened me many times haha the last life threat i got was 3 month ago some guy telling me to kill me if i continue to do what i am doing. never scared of them any more do you know why =?? THE HEARTT BROTHER =D they cant do shiiiet if u activate ur heart chakra. well they can still do things but it does not matter at all hehehe and they only threat for the most of the time so you dont need to worry hahaha you saud that you have been running for 20 years. Dont you think they would have killed you already if they REALLY WANTED TO DO IT. Brother i think they use the same SCARETACTICS TO ALL OF US ( SMART PEOPLE) who can understand the real thing u know =) Dont worry they only scare u and me like shit and then they laugh at us =) if they wanted to kill you they would have done it by now man comeon 20 years you say =P just open the heart! this is very important! it will remove ALL THE FEAR THEY PUT IN you and also the deamons they summon on you they cant get close to you if you do this =)

Be smart be happy be a true warrior okej =) i love you !

Now you have to understand that these people are very smart but very negative and a negative person with a reptilian mind like that will not be able to stand or be close someone who has activated universal love in there heart because they would almost puke if you started conversation with them blasting your heart energy to them.

I tell you now friend to activate your own heart chakra and learn to radiate the heart energy out. If you learn how to do this you will change your life and you can start from today =)

just dont give a shit about them they are pathetic scared nervous unsecure power greedy people who think they are special because they have the latest technology and information. They are monkeys actually and there is nothing to be afraid of even if they threaten you as they have done to both u and me. You are alive and im alive right =) they are just afraid thet the information will come out so they say hush hush hush or il blow your house down or something like that =)

Also there is no death you will become so free and happy when you die (in a another state of consciousness) =)

Take care bro just wanted to say this in order to let you know that you are NOT alone =)

Love u all hahahaha peace biatches !!!!

open your heart chakra =)
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