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Message Subject hi im zakk - im a paranoid schitzo! ... I was attacked by freemasons, the military, the secret service and more...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was also diagnosed psychotic. They put me on many medicines and electroshock, etc. I have been locked inside mental hospitals 3 times but now I am free. However, the medicines make me sleepy and stupid. But I haven't had a psychotic break in a long time now.

Sometimes I miss the feeling of being "crazy." I used to have wonderful conversations with people who were not there. Many deep insights too.

But Mostly is sucked.

I could never sleep, I kept trying to kill myself, "forgot" to eat or drink for five days and almost died of dehydration. Stuff like that.

Maybe you would feel better with medicine. Or maybe not. Who knows?

But I wish you well sir. I recognize you. You are a good man at heart.
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