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The one world end time religion will be 'aliens' coming and claiming they created humanity

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18664015
United States
06/27/2012 02:09 AM
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The one world end time religion will be 'aliens' coming and claiming they created humanity
I'm tired of all this fearmongering bullocks some other Christians spew about how the scary ol Muslims are gonna Jihad the whole world and make Islam the one world religion.

The entire premise is a crock of lies based mainly off the sheeples continuing belief in the fairy tale known as 9/11 and the scary Muslim boogeymen that want to kill all the infidels.

Use your brains people..doesn't it make much more sense that people will comply much better with a one world system and religion if it comes in peace instead of war?In fact the bible directly says that the antichrist will destroy many by peace and conquer with his flatteries.

I am of the opinion that this will be accomplished by the NWO staging mass false arrests of their own;which is a major talking point in the conspiracy community these days.

Yes there will seem to be arrests and a change for the better for we the people.But it will be another illusion staged by the NWO merely to make us think we have won and fool us into accepting a one world governance.

As crazy as it might sound,I believe this will be overseen by interdimensional entities (demons) that will be the ones coming in the guise of alien intervention to remove the cabal.But all that really will be happening is that the cabal are standing aside and handing their supernatural masters the reigns to add the final touches to their luciferian empire.People are onto the cabal,so the only way they can finish the capstone of the pyramid without extreme force is to form another deception to fool the people.The people will obviously riot against a rockerfeller/rothschild one world government.

But if these entities come and pretend to remove the evil cabal and say they want to create a peaceful one world utopia;the citizens will be so happy to be 'rid' of the cabal they will happily comply.It will seem like a golden age of peace has begun.But later these entities will show their true colors and mankind will almost all be eradicated eventually.

And as to why I think alien creators will be the one world end time religion.Does it make sense that Muslims or any other current religion on earth will just beat all the atheists and people of other faiths the world over into submission?

No..but we've already seen that many of the aliens claim that humans were created by them,and that we should all universally love each other.If these entities come from the sky and show off their technology in front of us they will likely convince most of the world people that they are indeed whom they claim to be.Humanity is inflicted very much with the 'seeing is believing mentality'.The fallen angels know this,and that is why they will give the human race the visual 'proof' it needs to deceive almost everyone;and form a universal religion that worships them as gods.
User ID: 11648979
Czech Republic
06/27/2012 02:36 AM
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Re: The one world end time religion will be 'aliens' coming and claiming they created humanity
they will show us
just for the fact that THEY ARE

showing our history from other angles
will bring much understanding of our nature

they just value our suverenity
for some it is too simple to admit
they love life!

they are as we are, they understand us, walked similiar steps, they love us, kids were born in the universe, human children awaiting incorporation to a much larger society (Earths multiculturalism was only introduction)

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 17553179
United States
06/27/2012 05:55 AM
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Re: The one world end time religion will be 'aliens' coming and claiming they created humanity
Not entirely true, who created aliens?
Who created the creator of Aliens?
Who created a creator that could create a creator capable of creating aliens?

For Shame.


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