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New DNA VACCINE to quit smoking


User ID: 2751314
06/28/2012 05:44 AM

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New DNA VACCINE to quit smoking
An injection of genes that make antibodies against nicotine could help millions of smokers quit the habit, scientists believe. Just one jab could provide life-long protection against nicotine cravings and could be used to vaccinate children to stop them ever getting hooked.

The 'genetic vaccine' has been tested on mice, but research involving people could begin in as little as two years. The jab containes genes programmed to make antibodies that neutralise nicotine ...

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

And so it begins! What next - 'genetic vaccines' against alcohol, drugs, bad thoughts... O Brave New World.
“One of the peculiar phenomena of our time is the renegade Liberal. Over and above the familiar Marxist claim that ‘bourgeois liberty’ is an illusion, there is now a widespread tendency to argue that one can only defend democracy by totalitarian methods. If one loves democracy, the argument runs, one must crush its enemies by no matter what means." - Orwell
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18733734
06/28/2012 08:44 AM
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Re: New DNA VACCINE to quit smoking