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The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the path to world government

nano nano
User ID: 18737975
06/28/2012 10:25 AM
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The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the path to world government
The U.S. continues to spearhead Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations as a way of countering growing Chinese influence. The door is open for other countries to join which is why it is considered to be a stepping stone to a larger free trade area of the Asia-Pacific and an important part of the international corporate globalization agenda.

Trade deals such as NAFTA and now the TPP are being used to smuggle through a new set of transnational corporate rights, trapping nations in a web of treaties that further trump their own laws. All too often, these agreements fail to deliver on the promise of prosperity and only serve to accelerate the path towards economic enslavement. Globalization has meant sacrificing self-sufficiency and sovereignty for foreign dependency which is a sure path to world government.

read full article [link to beyourownleader.blogspot.ca]