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Should the world survive as it is?

User ID: 15778489
United Kingdom
06/28/2012 04:01 PM
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Should the world survive as it is?
Should the world survive as it is?

Almost every Government is corrupt or at least in hock to those with the money?

We see the poorest being made to be more servant to those in power or with the power.

This generation will not do nothing as most are dependant on welfare/benefits. Will not vote for any party that will lessen their benefits/welfare.

We have surveillance everywhere where even if you post what your thoughts are, are subject to scrutiny and possible arrest.

Religion has become a major part of life. only if you believe or respect a certain faith. Why? Religion is a personal belief, keep it that way and respect others opinions and beliefs.

We Seem to be bombarded with TV shows from other countries like the UK/USA that mostly portray the worst of all crime. All doom and gloom then hey presto the police get their man. Please research unsolved crimes in your own country.

From my point of view the best ones to govern us or those who are over 50yrs and have had to experience hardships when growing up as most of have. Also helps if they have actually had to work in employment.

that's my say on the world.
User ID: 18725228
United Kingdom
06/28/2012 05:24 PM
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Re: Should the world survive as it is?
firstly friend ....the world is more than just a home for idiotic humans and their delusions of self importance...and even if we fuck things up for ourselves, this world will still carry on hosting other life forms long after we've potentially destroyed ourselves with our artificially polarised wars, pollution, waste and artificial GM modifications.

So please don't worry about the world friend..but humans that's another matter entirely.

The reality is ...although we are all being run, controlled and exploited by many different fake, corrupt and artificial hierarchal order systems (including many delusional and polarised belief systems)...we are actually more numerous than at any time in our human evolution. Whether individuals or groups come and go (at any age or stage) is here nor there. Because the truth is that earth is simply a host and vessal for certain life..and it really doesn't give a shit who comes, goes, lives or dies on it. In the same way that the universe does recognise or care what stars form or die and go supa nova to cause new expressions.

So please just accept it really doesn't matter what humans do (or what happens to them) either in the short or long term, because we are no more important than all other bipolar expressions of bipolar energy and matter in the bipolar universe.

and even if this planet comes to an end tomorrow or a few billion years.it's history and passing will mean nothing to ongoing infinite recycling reality.