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Strange experiences that lots of people have in common, a summary

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18239832
United States
06/29/2012 10:35 AM
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Strange experiences that lots of people have in common, a summary
After reading all three of the strange stories threads all the way through I've reached these conclusions - the variety of 'strange experiences' usually falls into these 12 categories:
1. UFO's (usually wide awake)
2. Alien encounters (usually in a dreamlike state, if not entirely asleep)
3. Orbs / probes (various colors and sizes; ordinarily seen by groups not individuals)
4. Fairies (look it up on wikipedia, it's not what you think)
5. Encounters with ghosts and the dead (that you see and talk with either in a semi-conscious state or otherwise)
6. Poltergeist (that you don't see)
7. Angels and demons. Angels are usually seen while out and about, demons at home.
8. Getting stuck in an infinite loop. Almost everyone who this has happened to starts to think that the universe is a simulation of sorts.
9. Actually seeing reality as it is in number codes.
10. Having encounters with other realities or any of the above listed while tripping on some drug.
11. Feeling a malevolent presence nearby and getting the creeps and or feeling the need to leave the area immediately.
12. Being momentarily ripped out of your waking reality to spend time in a different reality and then after an unmeasurable amount of time returning to the exact same moment you left here. While you are wide awake.

Let me know if I missed something. I do recognize the fact that there is often overlap, most often when on a hallucinogenic substance. And of course the 'missing time' phenomenon tends to transverse all these categories.