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Subject it would be pretty easy to become a rich/famous Illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I mean, a homeless idiot could do it

1. collect cans for one week
2. study at the library in the evenings on GLP, egyptian texts, and anything occult - specifically eye of horus, temple of set, Order of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley.
3. buy a $200 laptop with your recycling earnings and start making shitty beats and robot-vocoder audio.
4. buy a wardrobe at the thrift store - black and scary looking stupid shit that nobody wears. If you're a guy, buy women's clothes, and vice versa
5. take some pictures of yourself for your album cover covering your eye, making a 666 hand gesture over your eye, wear an eye patch or glasses with one lens- have some subtle satanic imagery - horns, owls, checkerboard floors, snakes eating their own tail, pyramids, whatever - look like you eat bats for breakfast - make a dead, sold-your-soul look, like a zombie. Reference subtly that you're on some kind of drugs.
6. release your track on youtube
7. start making videos - your music can be shitty, it doesn't matter.
8. next thing you know, you're up there with Gaga and Rhianna, banking, flying in private jets and laughing down at all the scared fools, eating caviar and flying to your next show.
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