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Message Subject Why the chemtrail HOAX is the most ridiculous conspiracy on the net.
Poster Handle G. House
Post Content
May be a hoax as far as you are concerned, but when you have seen the spraying with your own eyes above your town, then you know the reality of it.

One day the truth will be exposed, until then, think what you want.
 Quoting: Jenny Knows 8545334

But what if the truth is already exposed and you're choosing not to accept it? You can wear your "I know the truth" hat as much as you like but the other guy's also wearing his "I know the truth" hat so you cancel each other out.
 Quoting: Ardhanarishvara

Like I said before contrail science has been around since slightly before World War One.

There were basically three people who started the chemtrail hoax back in the nineties. These people were well known as people who started hoaxes. Do some research, you will find them.

BOGUS bad science claims DO NOT negate nearly a century of research on contrails.

Basically all you have is:

"Chemtrails exist because we say so."

Utter friggen crap.
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