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Message Subject Why the chemtrail HOAX is the most ridiculous conspiracy on the net.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Don't be so presumptuous. i get paid big money for my expertise in spatial time speed judgement. The industry i work in is closely related to the aeronautical industry. I live near an international airport. I know the approach lanes and altitudes. And i also fly as a hobby. My judgement is sound.

Besides all that the only fuel and technology changes the airlines have made since the 70's has been to clean emissions. Chemtrails did not exist in the 70's and they certainly should not exist now.

OP is either a fool in denial or a paid shill.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18717299


YOU are obviously some sort of disinformation shill or just ignorant of the physics involved.


I saw my first contrail that went horizon to horizon in 1959.

Contrails have been observed documented and discussed since the VERY EARLY days of high altitude flight.

If YOU are not aware of this you are either IGNORANT of things aviation or again some sort of disinformation shill.
 Quoting: G. House

Great. Yet another paid shill that cares more about receiving just over minimumm wage to tell us that we're not being poisoned WHILE we are being poisoned to death. This dumping/guinea pig experimentation has been happening for 60 years.

Everyone, just do a search for weather modification.

You shall not change our minds. Well, not with this thread anyway.

The many sample test results over the years side with the conspiracy 'theorists'. Plain and simple.

Please, attack us with another disinfo campaign...TOOL. You are an automatic failure @ this one.

 Quoting: What an idiot u r 29747300

Right On A/C 7300!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 381452

Because one chemtard agrees with another...it must be true.

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