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Message Subject Why the chemtrail HOAX is the most ridiculous conspiracy on the net.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Simple chemistry: water can evaporate, especially when it was formed in an unstable state as droplets, due to aircraft turbulence. Mineral particles don't evaporate, and so they can only disperse over long periods of time. Add this to the extensive other evidence that chemtrails are not contrails, and you have sufficient proof that chemtrails are real, and man-made.
 Quoting: Gali

Yes, water CAN evaporate...if the air isn't MINUS 40 degrees!

If that's the case, it isn't absorbed by the air, and condenses on soot particles and dust and then turns into an ice fog. If the air is still, the ice crystals will form a trail, if the air is turbulent, the crystals will disperse.

Also, there is NO EVIDENCE that anyone is distributing "minerals" or elements. These things exist in nature...naturally. And there is no evidence that anything is being addded...anywhere.

Finding aluminum at ground level...is normal...and was that way since long before man cam to exist.

What HAS changed is the amount of sulfuric acid in out atmosphere, which leaches elements from rocks and soil. There is NO EVIDENCE that the added sulfur is intentional. It's a byproduct of burning coal and also occurs in nature from algae blooms and volcanic activity...to name a few..but not all sources.

Also, you mention aircraft turbulence...

Sounds like you may be confusing engine contrails with aerodynamic contrails.
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