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Message Subject Why the chemtrail HOAX is the most ridiculous conspiracy on the net.
Poster Handle Gf Atmosphere
Post Content
There has something changed with the capability of the atmosphere to dissolve as we were used it in former days.

Most trails that were claimed to be chemtrails that I've seen are just usual plane trails. They do not good look either for sure and make the stuff even more weird.
 Quoting: Goofy for Atmosphere 39987408

Some pictures to demonstrate my point.

[link to www.fotos-hochladen.net]

Here you can see the horizon in the saucy gray but which is getting dissolved into clouds and blue sky.

[link to www.fotos-hochladen.net]

In the status between all airplanes will produce a stuffy, lasting trail.

[link to www.fotos-hochladen.net]

If the dissolving doesn't happen complete you will see such heavens.

[link to www.fotos-hochladen.net]

Therefore I think we are in a much better condition with the atmosphere when there are trails to see than just the milky-gray status.

There is a connection between earth and heaven and this band is heavy distorted I conclude.
 Quoting: Gf Atmosphere 39994864

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1211465

OK. Another one.

[link to www.fotos-hochladen.net]
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