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Socialist Conspiracy or Social Responsibility? OBAMA CARE EFFECT

Social Responsibility
User ID: 13889888
United States
07/01/2012 10:13 AM
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Socialist Conspiracy or Social Responsibility? OBAMA CARE EFFECT
Consider: Throughout history all nations and all peoples have preyed upon the weaknesses of others to acquire wealth in many forms.

As big business considers how to deal with rising healthcare costs and their total cost of maintaining a body of US employees, looking outside the nation for employees may well become a stronger consideration for employing abroad for those companies who are able to do it.

If a Chinese worker settles for $4 a day and a US worker will not be able to compete with that, what better way to retain jobs than to insist the Chinese worker also be paid what a US worker would be paid?

Just because we can get cost of employment for less, doesn't mean that we should. Social responsibility is important. Leverage the perceived socialist movement. Work with it! Demand equal pay for workers overseas employed by US companies. Impose trade embargo on companies supplying cheaper products to US companies who are not offering their workers US wage rates!

Why would we buy or employ anywhere else but here if there were no real differences in cost? Can we legislate that? No more exploitation of foreign workers or overseas operations?

Maybe we just need to change the way we think about what the real costs of saving money and taxes really adds up to...long term.

If this is really the biggest tax since the original installation of the FED and taxes in the US in 1913, just maybe in the next 50 years we'll be headed for a tax surplus and history will repeat itself yet again...but in a way that makes us happy. You really wanna cry about paying for your children and grandchildren's future United States, or do you wanna try and secure that future? What would you pay to retain our present state of freedom? Would you really close you pocketbook if it meant we'd be closing Americas doors forever?


Public Opinion still counts for the moment, so use the movement. Social responsibility extends beyond the borders of the homeland.

This could be the greatest conspiracy yet - disguising an anti-socialist movement as a socialist movement! Support the conspiracy and make it stronger. Its so crazy it just might work!