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Message Subject Guys who like My Little Pony gather for 'BronyCon' Creepy Pedophile convention!
Poster Handle Nostril Domus
Post Content
What about the woman who like GI-Joe action figures?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18818840

I dont think they would kidnap your little girls to rape and murder them, they would dress up like a logger and strap on a dildo.
 Quoting: Nostril Domus

And what evidence do you have that those Bronies kidnap little girls to rape and murder them.

You're a fearmonger.

Although I think My Little Ponies are lame, to assume that anyone who likes them is a pedo, is retarded.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14835558

Not a fear monger at all. I just dont think it is right for a grown man to hang out with little girls. That to me is not how an adult should act. Not all of them would kidnap and rape but i can guarantee at least 1-2% of these guys that go to that show are pedo's.
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