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Subject Alien Fish has Human Like teeth, migrated to Illinois. Trying to cover it up....
Poster Handle ChvyV8Bldr
Post Content
A fish known in Amazon, South America, the Pacu has been found in an Illinois Lake Lou Yaeger, two caught so far.

(One fish was captured on June 7 and a second was reportedly hooked more recently.)

Thankfully, however, calmer heads appear to be prevailing. The fish captured on June 7 was inspected and turned out to be a pacu. Pacus, like piranhas, are native to the Amazon River basin in South America.

Here's where I believe the cover up is.
Presumably, the fish that was captured in Lake Lou Yaeger had been someone's aquarium pet before being illegally dumped into the lake. In 2011 pacu were found in South Carolina.

[link to www.grindtv.com]
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