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Olympic Synchronicity - Vancouver to London ?

Anonymous Coward
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07/02/2012 01:44 PM
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Olympic Synchronicity - Vancouver to London ?
[youtube] [link to www.youtube.com]

Hello everybody,

This is for people who may be interested in synchronicity, Carl Jung's term for meaningful coincidences.

I have just written a book on the subject, as it applies to major sporting events.

My study investigates 'monumental moments' in much the same way that writers like Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and Erich von Daniken investigate ancient monuments - which they believe are encoded with design that hints of advanced technology *because* the structures are so prominent, for the sake of posterity.

What I have found is evidence suggesting that monumental moments are similarly encoded, in some instances.

Here is why the conclusion of the Vancouver Games was a truly monumental moment, in the most technical sense of the terms.

1. In the same instant, the USA and Canada earned Winter Olympic records (USA: most total medals, 37; Canada: most Gold, 14.)

2. Three national Winter Olympic records were set. (USA most total medals; Canada: most total medals, most gold.)

3. Canada won the 2010 International Ice Hockey World Championship.

4. The entire competition phase of the 21st Winter Olympic ended.

That would be five Olympic records, a World Championship and an Games' ending, all wrapped up in a single moment. By my reckoning, the ending of the Vancouver Games was an excellent candidate for design .

Upon looking closer, I came to the conclusion that the conclusion was synced, with seemingly great care. In my book I explain how the precise ending of the Games may have been prophecized beforehand, and I also explain how the timing of the ending references the birth of the host city Vancouver, and the rebirth of the modern Games.

But in this little video I put together, I show how the moment is 'self referencing' - through the way it symbolically references all of the following:

1. The birth province of ice hockey
2. The nation where hockey was born
3. Canada's *entire* Olympic Winter hockey legacy
4. The host province's contributions to the sport of ice hockey
5. The greatest hockey player who ever lived (and, as I explain in my book) the moment where the ending of the Games was (very possibly) predicted.

Seeing how this works requires a very basic understanding of the game of hockey, which is explained in my four-minute youtube video which can be found at the link above.

I thought I might share this because there is evidence to suggest that this 'conversation' will extend to London. If what I have uncovered is not random, but is instead 'design', it reveals a kind of methodology which should be kept in mind as London approaches.

Beyond the video, if anyone wishes to check out my book, A Tale of Two Synchronicities, it can be found at Amazon. The first few pages include a pretty neat anecdote involving Bono of U2 and an encounter with an NHL hockey player.