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State of The U.S. DEBT -- Answer This Question

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User ID: 2208637
United States
07/03/2012 03:00 AM
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State of The U.S. DEBT -- Answer This Question
Alright everyone,

I want you to put aside your factions. I do not care if you are Republican, Democratic, Libertarian or lizard man.

This conversation is about the state of the U.S. economy. By all means though, foreigners please give your input.


The current U.S. debt: About to reach $16 TRILLION.

Now, for those of you who look at this and go, oh so what? Well here's a bit of information for you.

When Bush left office and Obama took over the debt was at around $9 Trillion. This was after two terms and fighting the war in IRAQ.

So Obama takes office, inherits Bush's 9 Trillion dollar debt and then in FOUR years alone raises the U.S. debt to $16 Trillion.

Think about that for a minute.


Let's talk inflation real quick. Inflation is simple, when we print and spend too much money, debt increases and the value of the dollar goes down.

When the value of the dollar goes down the prices of goods and staples go up. Things that you buy from farmers, at grocery stores etc. Milk (whole) went from $1.80 to $4 bucks. A hamburger meal from Wendy's use to cost about $3.50 where as now you are paying almost $7.00 for a meal.

When the value of the dollar goes down it cost more U.S. dollars to purchase foreign oil. Which is why gas went from being $1.60 during Bush to $3.20+ under Obama. This happened because Obama raised our debt from $9 Trillion to $16 Trillion.


When inflation rises, businesses have no choice but to lay off employees. They are losing money on buying products and most of all their customers are saving their money instead of spending.

This causes unemployment. The loss of jobs. Companies and corporations don't lay off people because they want to be assholes, they do it because their accounts told them they need to cut (x) amount of money from the budget yearly to sustain the current income.


When unemployment on mass levels occurs this causes people to rely on social programs. Food stamps, Welfare and Unemployment checks become the norm. All the while this is occurring the Federal reserve continues to print money to convince the American people that we are not entering a depression or recession.

In reality, we are. We are in one right now. The only thing holding us up is the fact that the Federal Reserve continues to print money.


Keep in mind our U.S. dollars are not backed by gold like some of the other countries. In fact, we went to war with the majority of middle eastern countries because they stated they would drop the U.S. dollar and instead trade with gold.

The U.S. did not like this. They went into these countries and invaded them. The U.S. government knew that if they did not kill that threat the U.S. economy would fall to its knees to a staggering halt.

My question to you, my fellow Americans and friends all over the world: Who is ready to elect Obama for another (4) years? I guarantee you, if he adds another $9-$10 Trillion dollars to our debt in the next four years...

It wont matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or lizard man. It will affect us all.

I hope you all make a good decision this election.


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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 5758456
United States
07/03/2012 03:13 AM
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Re: State of The U.S. DEBT -- Answer This Question
Couple of points
* still paying for the Afgan war and still paying off the debt from the Iraq one.
* you don't get inflation. It aint running at 25% like you try to show, its not gone up more than 10%. Ask wendys why they are price gouging.
* US spends a lot of money. It therefore needs a lot of revenue. Bush gave massive tax cuts, so reducing revenue. Then all the sub-prime shit came and people couldn't spend their credit, so economy tanks. Spending on social costs go up, but those tax cut still in place.

Half the debt would be wiped out if the tax cut wasn't there.