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DENIED !! UK Quantitative Easing outvoted

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United States
07/03/2012 02:01 PM
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DENIED !! UK Quantitative Easing outvoted
"Minutes of the monetary policy committee meeting reveal a majority voted to keep rates on hold and stick with the current £325bn of quantitative easing (QE) at its June meeting.

King was one of three committee members to vote for an extra £50bn and a fourth said he wanted a more modest £25bn injection of funds.

The narrowness of the decision will heighten expectations of a further boost to QE in July after another set of lackluster economic figures, including a rise in jobless claims last month."

[link to hereisthecity.com]

I find it crazy that 325 billion isn't going to be enough to some. Dollar is going to skyrocket.

325 billion Euros = 409.69500 billion U.S. dollars

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